New mbl 3tb remote access

hi i connect for first time the mbl and when i go to mobile remote access it tells that i dont have permisions error 31655

i am admin

i do i quick and full resset but still the same

please help


Did you follow the manual’s instructions?

yes i do everything they say.i forget to say that i dont upgrade to the latest fw and i dont have internet access only local network

Can you get internet access somewhere and put the firmware on a thumbdrive or something?

If you can, download this file and put it on a thumbdrive and use the dashboard to update from file. If you are accessing the internet from a cell phone, download the file to the phone and hook the phone up to your computer and move the file over

I got to thinking and the error might be a result of you not having an internet connection. When you sign up for wd2go it needs an internet connection to setup your account. Just a thought…

i do the update but nothing now for the internet access it has to say something like you dont have internet access??

p.s. oh my god i dont think that i must return it back again???

ok i found the solution i must have internet access to generate code or register a email for remote access

p.s. even in wd2go app you cant connect logaly to hdd if you dont have internet access