New MacBook on existing MyCloud

I purchased a new Macbook, and was able to mount my NAS MyCloud device, and see all of the files already on the drive from my older Mac. However, the drive is not syncing with my new MacBook, running OSX Sierrea. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi briang30,

What exact issue are you facing with WD Sync? Is it not opening up or its not syncing the files?
Or any other error ?

It is not syncing files.

I bought a new MacBook and transferred my old files via Time Machine
backup. I have a different computer name, but the User name is the same.

WD Sync is installed on my new MacBook and I can see all of the files and
directories on my My Cloud.

I get a message; “The hard drive containing the synced folder
'/Users/brian/Pictures is missing. To resume syncing, please connect this
hard drive to your computer.”

Sounds like MyCLoud is looking for my old macbook. Is there a way to sync
the new MacBook without having to re-sync the entire hard drive?


Hi briang30,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

ok. thanks

Was wd support able to help? I am having this issue now.