New Live Plus inconsistent playback issue - spinning wheel?

I just purchased a brand new WDTV Live Plus from Best Buy and in general I love it-- it recognized my network immediately, netflix activation was super easy, and the picture quality is phenomenal.  However, there is one large problem…

After I play a couple of files from either my NAS (an hp media vault mv2120) or from my desktop via network share, the third or fourth video I try will invariably give me either a black screen and do nothing.  If I try to back out and play a different video, it will give me a blue spinning wheel.  The only thing that I’ve found to work at this point is restarting the unit, and if I try to launch Netflix the screen will turn black and the remote will no longer work.

Is this a known issue or is there any known workaround?  My Live Plus is connected to my router via ethernet, as is my NAS, and the computer is connected wirelessly. 

I would say that one (or more) of your videos are ‘bad’ and they are hanging up your WDTV. Try and identify the ‘bad’ files and post the info using mediainfo 

This is a well known problem and there are workarounds.