New live hub user and a few issues?


I have just bought a live hub yesterday and I have tried playing my vobs and isos however i am getting very jerky playback, i am using a gigabit switch to connect to my pc, I am also on the latest hub firmware?

also everytime i go into videos or music it rebuilds library? any ideas?

Thanks very much

Probably not rebuilding the library just updating it in which everytime you unplug it it updates and it does take a bit of time depending on the size. The jerking can be cause by many things before I went to gigabit I installed a NAS and that worked great even at 10/100 I even pulled some native blue ray movies no problem. I would say at this time it would be something in your computer slowing it down. Either try to install a movie on the Hubs hardrive and see if it plays there. or you can connect a usb drive straight to it to see if it plays from that. If all is good there then it is either network or computer

I am currently and always have had a problem with the ISO locking up shortly after starting several reboots can correct the movie most of the time or I go to preview mode and play it from there kinda a pain.