New larger disks in WD10000d033. Possible?

Hi all,

obviously, both of the 500gb drives in my MyBook WD10000d033 are broken. Definately! The thing is, I thought that the OS is installed on the disks, too. So all I got now is an empty case with no option on rebuilding anything. Is this correct? Or can I just put 2 new disks (larger ones, 2x2tb e.g.) in the white case and rebuild a new setup?

Any help much appreciated.

thanks alot,



I have something of a similar issue at present.  The simpe answer is no, you can’t simply install new HHDs and start it up.  The OS needs to be installed on (at least) one HDD first.  It is a Linus OS (from what i have discovered) and there are instructions around the web for rebuilding a dead MBWE, but it is quite a process.  Sorry but that is all the help I can be.

Good luck.