New Laptop will not backup

Here is my issue,
One of our end users received a new laptop Dell Inspiron 17 5770 265-SSD and 1tb 5400rpm
The laptop has a efi partition which will not be backed up. I have set it for C:\ only or C&D it fails to get past 1%
with an unsuccessful. My other systems are working like they should but they are older systems(Hardware) but running the latest version of win10 pro.

Both hotfixes work, just get the top one it is smaller

Gramps I had tired that hotfix and it broke the server , All my other clients went offline and never came back on line, I tried reinstalling the connect software which they connected but would not backup had a bunch of generic errors. I am a bit afraid or reluctant to try the hot fix again as I just got the server back up and all clients connected, running through win updates right now.

You do have to reinstall the connector on each pc. Reboot a couple of times then do windows updates on the pc. It has to install an update before it actually works

That is on the client side? Even if the client is up to date? once the connector is reinstalled you have to reboot a few times before it actually works?

the windows update on the client pc is the trick. There will be a new update after the new connector is installed.