New iteration

I read from an unreliable source that WD is working on a third interation of its media player.  Is there any truth to this rumor?

Third iteration?   That’d be pretty old…

In no particular order, we’ve already had:

  1. WDTV HD
  2. WDTV Mini
  3. WD Elements Play
  4. WDTV Live
  5. WDTV Live +
  6. WD Elements Play G2
  7. WDTV Live Hub
  8. WDTV Live SMP…

So are you saying a NINTH iteration? 

I’m not saying anything, Tony.  I’m merely repeating what I read somewhere (can’t remember where. :>)

What I am asking is:  Is a new media player about to be introduced?


Well it depends on when what you read was posted.  Depending on when it was posted it could have been referring to any of those that TonyPH12345 posted.  And if was referring strictly to the Live players, then the SMP would be the 3 version, unless you count the HUB which then it would be.

‘unreliable source’ and  ‘I read somewhere (can’t remember where)’ - yeah, that definitely sounds like a rumor.

Let face it nobody on here knows when a new firmware will be issued let alone a new player.