New Items


I never have any new items on my hub. I connect to my NAS when using the hub. I download movies etc. daily and I can see the new content on the hub (the library gets updated), but the HUB always says ‘0 New Items’.

The files I download do have very recent dates. My question is: how can I get the hub to see that there are new items??

Or does the hub only see new items which are on the internal hard disk?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think it’s only counting the local HD.

I for one would like to turn that off;  it’s not like I don’t know what’s been added…  :)  

And the fact that they stay “New” for 30 days is a bit odd…

+1: I would also like the Live Hub to see “new items” stored on a NAS.

No explanation whatsoever in the manual.

Especially for people who download a lot, or for a household where the people who don’t do the downloads may want to check what’s new.