New ISP and Office Location, can't access device locally, but online from files.mycloud

I have a DL4100, we’ve used it for the last few years. I’ve moved it before, and not had a problem, but today at the new office setup I’m having a hard time. I have the DL4100 plugged into the switch that is of course plugged into the modem. My computer is also plugged into the switch. When I go to and log in, I can see the device and access it’s contents. However when I go to http://wdmyclouddl4100/ I’m not able to reach the dashboard. “This site can’t be reached
wdmyclouddl4100 ’s server IP address could not be found” And it is not showing up in my “Network” area of Windows Explorer.

I didn’t really want to do a reset or anything, but I guess if that’s the best case scenario. Thanks for the help!

Try use the DL4100’s IP address instead of wdmyclouddl4100 and see what happens.

Thanks for trying. But no that won’t do it either.

Now, files.mycloud won’t even let me log in. So frustrating.

If your screengrab is correct then your LAN IP address starts with 71. That’s does not fall in the IP ranges of what a LAN uses. See:

I think your browser is, somehow, not trying to access your DL4100 NAS, but is actually trying to gain access to some server and that remote server may actually be denying you access.

Are you 100% sure your IP network settings on everything on your LAN are correct?

The adresss must be written as wdmyclouddl4100.local

If the .local is missing you cannot connect to the nas.