New iPhone ControlPoint App that works with the WD TV Live and it's free

Gizmoot is a free iPhone App available on the Apple App Store that acts as a remote control for the WD TV Live. More information can be found at

Feedback from other WD TV Live users is very welcome.

What about one for Android? =D

The link doesn’t work, also I second the post above, what about Android? :wink:

No plans for an Android version at present. Development effort will focus on iPhone OS devices.

The full-stop at the end of the sentence was preventing you from clicking the link successfully. Please click the link below:

You can get Twonky :wink: from itunes store for iphone but it’s not free!

I’ve tested Gizmoot against the WD TV Live. I would be very interested in hearing if Gizmoot works with the WD TV Live Plus and WD TV Live Hub Media Center too. Suggestions for new features are welcome …

IMHO, this app lacks function. It won’t turn the WD on or off. So, it’s not a serious replacement for the physical remote.

Good point. Gizmoot uses the UPnP AV protocol to control the WD TV Live. Unfortunately switching the WD TV Live off (stand by) or on isn’t supported by the protocol, and so Gizmoot cannot perform this function. It would be great if Western Digital added an action to the protocol for switching the WD TV Live on/off.

One scenario where Gizmoot works well is where you want to play music on your HiFi without having to have your TV switched on. Gizmoot also allows you to roam about your house while controlling the WD TV Live, while the IR remote control works by line of sight.

If you are streaming music from an external device (e.g. NAS with a UPnP media server built-in) to your WD TV Live then Gizmoot will display the covert art  image and meta data (artist, song name, etc) while the WD TV Live display on your TV may not.

The next version of Gizmoot should support internet radio which should make it a more interesting option. I’ll post a message once this is available on the App store.