New Internal Hard Drive Packaging

I propose WD does NOT package its “green” drives in a new package that gives no hint whatsoever that it is a “green” drive.  Wait - too late - you did it.  So, as I look at the new labeling on the packaging which basically falls into a “good, better, best” format, I figure perhaps its new technology?  Maybe?  So, what the heck, I bought a new 2GB internal drive.  Oops - when I got home and opened it… hey, look, its a “green” drive.

I returned it, and purchased a more expensive drive from another company.

Quite honestly, I would have purchased your more expensive drive if you would have simply indicated on the packaging that “good” = “green.”  But you didn’t.  Hey, its no big deal.  All I’m saying is that sticking a green drive in a new package and not indicating that it is a green drive is a BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD idea.

Don’t blow smoke in my face and I won’t spit on your shoes.

Interesting, I just came back from two different computer retailers… It was very obvious which boxes were Black, Blue, Green or Red…

This was your own fault. I feel like the color codes they use have dumbed down the process enough, but maybe their marketing department and myself are wrong… they need to steep down the dumb factor some more.

Good luck with the other brand, because if its not a WD drive you will need lots of luck!