New internal disk not found


I have a little problem here and I hope someone can help me with it since I’ve tried everything I could think of myself. My computer can’t seem to find my internal WD HDD’s anymore.


I’ve got multiple HDD’s. They all show up in BIOS when connected but I can’t seem to add them in disk management of MyComputer.
I’ve already tried macrorit, data lifeguard, and minipartition wizard. All to no avail.


My initial setup was:
1 Samsung EVO 850 SSD
1 (older) WD HDD 2TB
4 (Newer) WD HDD 3TB (green)

New setup should be:
1 Samsung EVO 850 SSD
1 (older) WD HDD 2TB
1 new WD HDD 6TB (green)

4 (Newer) WD HDD 3TB (green) in a NAS

I’d taken the 4 3TB HDD’s out to put in a NAS and added the 6TB and it al worked fine after initializing the new HDD.

However since I had to format the HDD’s when putting them in the NAS (for RAID 5) I wanted to put them back in to transfer my DATA.
The first 2 disks worked fine. But the 3th and 4th don’t show up in the system. (not in MyComputer and not in disk mangement.). First I thought it might be a problem with the cables but when I’ve tried them with the cables of the 6TB they didn’t work either.
So… I’ve plugged the 6TB in again and now that one also doesn’t show in disk management or my computer.

The weird thing is that all the connected HDD show up in BIOS.

(btw also tried different tools from diskmanagement and the disks don’t show up in those either.)

Hope to have a solution soon.

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If you know how to access your Bios, check if the drive is showing in there. If not, it could be that the drive is not supported by your mother board or the drive is not working properly. If is not supported, you might be able to use it setting the jumpers on the back of the drive to downgrade the specifications of the new drive.

See if this helps


Thanks for the reply. I found the solution yesterday after a couple of hours :sweat:
Hopefully the solution below helps if someone has the same problem.


Disk not visible in MyComputer, Disk Management or Device management but visible in BIOS


Open Device Management --> View --> Show hidden devices
Click the HDD/SSD that isn’t visible in disk management --> uninstall device

For disks that were already in use in Windows: They will now be visible again in MyComputer

For new unused disks:
Open Device Management
Select Disk Management
Select the correct disk and initialize it (MBR format if less than 2TB or older windows version, GDP if more than 2TB)

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