New Install

My goal is to move a large portion of files to the Passport to make room on my PC, which is all but full and has no room to even update iTunes! 

I have a couple of questions:

1.  I don’t  necessarily want to have a full copy of all my PC files on the Passport, at least for now until I clean up the PC.  If  I install the Passport software,  then I delete files  (that I still want to keep) from the PC after copying them (moving them, really)  to the Passport to make room on the PC, will the Passport software then think I no longer want those files at all, and delete them from Passport as well, on the next backup?

2.  On the other hand, since I will be cleaning up the PC and there might be a problem with that, is there a way to use the backup utility just once and then tell it to only back up manually after that?

3.  Would I be better off  to just un-install the Passport backup software and just  use the Passport as  removable memory only,  for now?  I’m not one to use “pre-fab, auto-run” software, but it is nice to think that the Passport software might be able to find stray photo files or documents that ended up misfiled (by me) and back it up…

Sorry for the questions that are possibly answered in the manual, but I don’t even have enough space on my PC harddrive right now to even open up the manual!


Hi, Smartware never deletes anything, it will just add new files to the backup, so don’t  worry about losing your files when you delete them from the PC.

Just a warning never trust important data to just one drive. You need at least 2 copies of important data in different places.