New install of Acronis TI WD does not recognize new WD3200 in old Vaio tower

The Vaio’s original HDD crashed in-warranty many years ago and was replaced with a Hitachi HDS722525VLAT80.  It has gotten VERY slow recently, and I think I can hear the heads beating against the case (definitely loud clacks from that drive).  During POST, the SMART status shows BAD and I have to go thru BIOS (no changes) to get it to boot.  A few days ago, it stopped listing the Hitachi as a drive, so I had to unplug every other drive & card reader to get it back on the boot list.  I ordered a new bare WD3200AAJB-00J3A0 from Amazon and downloaded the latest TrueImage-WD 2013.  Acronis had never been installed on this machine before.  With the WD (PS) & Hitachi (PM) connected, I got TI installed, but before it starts, it tells me to connect a WD drive, and CONTINUE is greyed out.  DeviceManager shows both drives working normally with no conflicts.  The new WD isn’t formatted or anything - just plugged in.

All of the critical data has been backed up to a WD 2TB external, and most of the unnecessary software has been uninstalled, but I don’t want to have to buy a new OS or reinstall the old one.  Assuming I get TI to work, should I “clone” the old drive to the new, or “ghost”, or “backup”?  I’ve installed an OS a few times, but I’ve never transferred one between drives.

Sony PCV-RS710G, BIOS dated 2004

XPH-SP3 auto WinUpdate

Pentium4 3GHz, 1/2GB RAM

Avast Free, SpyBot, IE8, Chrome30(unused)

It crashed last night after I went to bed, so it has been booted since the TI install, but it still doesn’t recognize the WD HDD.

Try updating the drivers for the mother board and see if that helps.

Is the drive connected on a SATA port or via USB?

It’s an '04 tower - all PATA.  I’ll start looking for new drivers tomorrow, but would bad drivers allow DeviceManager to correctly ID the new drive?

Also, I’m not sure how much longer the Hitachi is gonna keep working.  It seems like the rattling is getting louder & more-frequent.  I have it shut down until I have something to try.