New Instalation of My Cloud WD

I have just purchased Wd My Cloud. On putting to power I am getting red light instead of Solid Blue. What could be the reason.

Hi @Shashank57

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your new My Cloud. A red LED is usually not a good sign - are you able to access the Dashboard on the device? If so, what firmware version does it show.

not at all

I had just plugged in the power and cable to the router, for a moment or for few seconds deep blue light was there , but turned in to red.

@Shashank57 You may want to visit the Learning Center and read about the My Cloud.

Here is a link to the 2nd Generation My Cloud User Manual.

Between not being able to access the Dashboard and the Red LED, I’d recommend replacing the drive. If you just purchased it, exchange it at your place of purchase. If you can’t, you can get an RMA (if the drive is in Warranty) at the link below:

We don’t know if he has a first or second gen (and he can’t access the Dashboard to find out). The LED’s are different between them.

Given that the Gen2 was launched nearly two years ago, it’s pretty likely that a MyCloud purchased today would be the Gen2. Unless the OP bought from a shop with old Gen1 stock lying around. In which case, some users might be interested to find out where this stash of Gen1s is…

Just for completeness (which would seem to be the obvious thing you might have done), here’s a link to the Gen1 User Manual…

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On a gen2 a red light can mean no network connection. Log into the router and see what it thinks is connected. Of you could download the wakeonlan program from This program will scan your entire network and display all devices it finds.

Fair point.

You would be surprised. Stuff can hang out in stores (especially smaller retailers and foreign countries) for years.

Which brings us to the question of what the ethernet LEDs are doing. And what ISP router, the OP is using: AT&T/Uverse…?

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Who is your ISP? What is the make/model of your router?

Certain router’s are known to have issues with the My Cloud. See the following WD Support document, if your router is listed then the solution is to put a switch between the My Cloud and the router.

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Thanks Great _Scott, I got my whole piece replaced by Amazon India. Now the new one is working nicely. Only thing I would like to know about is folder pass word protection, as this my cloud is being used by my Son and Me.:grin:

The Piece was defective hence got it replaced.

I’d recommend going over the user manual. There’s instructions on how to set up different users.

ok thanks

There was noting wrong in router. the My Cloud new machine was not good. New one is ok.