New here with some questions

I there,

long time reader, first time poster. I normally can find the answers to my question but searching, but now I am at lost.

I have a WD Live Hub with latest FW installed. Here’s my questions (some questions might better fit in another subforum, but I prefered to ask them all here):

01 - Is there a prefered format for subtitle? Sometimes, not everytime but very often, my movie are lagging because of them. Why I know? If I turn them off, the movie goes back to plays perfectly then I can add them again. Sometime I am lag-free for the rest of the movie, but more often than not, I have to redo these steps several times. Just to add something, if I watch the same movie without those subs, there is no problem. So just a simple clarification before someone says that I ripped them bad.

I currently use .SRT files that I find on subscene that closely match what I do for ripping (which is a mp4 file with 720p quality). I don’t always find one that fits but that is my problem since my girlfriend doesn’t fully understand english so she learns that way.

02 - I’ve tried several themes and I was wondering if the best option is the remove any folders? I can get clear picture quality with movie files but pixelated one with the folder. So, is the “prefered” method to have a crystal clear UI is to remove folders? (ROOT/VIDEO/MovieA.mp4,, MovieB.mp4 etc. etc). I was just wondering what worked best for themes.

I am not sure I can answer your question totally I know nothing about subtitles I never use them when I was using my computer to access my library I had lag I went to a NAS and no more problems since then I revamped and went to an N router which is GB and now I can access H264 home videos from my computer with no choppy lag as befoe no way.

Second since the hub I went to no folders and movies straight to root I am using tinwarbe MOJO theme and I am satisfied I had to get a bit creative with a few things cause I am running a couple a wd pluses too. I also have I believe a menu issue with some ISO files to where it locks up the Hub and I have to reboot then I just go to Preview vmode which goes straigh to movie and I play those like that by clicking the preview box then hit ebter and it goes full screen.

Hope this helps a bit

Back after moving away to new city.

01 - I’ll pray someone knows the answer then. I’ve changed my ripping collection to MKV and I haven’t seen anything wrong yet, so maybe the one I was using (MP4) was bad with srt files?

02 - Sounds like it work better wihout folder then. I’ll arrange my collection accordingly.

Thanks a lot.