New Here, Couple Questions

Ok, so, I have my WDTV HD media player with firmware version 1.00.01, hooked up to my maxtor 320gb external drive, so that’s my equipment…

My first question is: Is the firmware upgradeable from this version?

Second: Is there any chance of a play all option being introduced for the video folders? So if I have a bunch of videos in a specific folder I can just select play all and it will play them continously until I hit the stop button…

Third: Is there already a way to do this and if so where is it in the options?  Is it in one of the firmware updates?

Lastly, is it worth upgrading to the WD Live TV box?

What’s your Product Model number?

Do you have a model or serial number?  We do not have a firmware 1.00.01 on any of our units.  What happins if you upgrade to the current firmware of your unit?