New hard drive.... reformatting help needed badly *fixed*

hey guys, need some help.
long story short - hard drive making noises got it replaced and i have the new one here now.
originally - i have the main windows stuff on my SSD and the user stuff like desktop documents on my HDD (the one that i replaced)
however i cannot launch the disk management in order to format the new hard drive? giving me errors all over the place and its getting really annoying - any help would be great! ive backed up the hard drive stuff so as soon as it is formatted it will be like it was before i suppose (when i restore it)

Uh, “errors all over the place?” Please be more specific…

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never mind mate, went through my windows 10 usb installation thing and figured out how to format it through there.
i couldnt search for anything in ‘run’ and whenever i would open a program even saved to my ssd would say that the comptuer couldnt find the file, so i couldnt run programs like arcronis or even launch disk management…

problem sorted… how do i delete posts?