New Games "Feature" (opinion)

I wanted to voice my opinion about the new games feature found
in the new firmware (1.06.16_B) I feel this is the biggest waste of time WD can
put in this product. I did not buy this device for gaming, and I believe that
WD should focus on media playing and streaming. People are not going to buy
this device for games, and I feel that making games as a “extra” feature is a
huge waste of time. People are going to buy this device for its media playing capabilities.
I believe if WD can focus on this, people will buy it on that merit alone.

Quit wasting time and focus on media (video and music) let Nintendo,
Sony and Xbox focus on games they do it better anyways.


I agree. I really hope that too much time was not wasted on a half assed feature no one asked for.

I concur with what you say here. The “games” are simply a waste of space. The “gamepad” icon is quite ironic given the nature of the games. I read in another thread where someone indicated this whole part was simply lifted out of the Hub device. Either way, it’s just a bit limp. :manindifferent:

In a word: weak.

Yup, i’d agree this feature is of limited useage. I don’t see myself playing any of these games.

If i were able to browse the internet. With a keyboard and mouse. That would be useful.

I have no real intention of ever playing the games.

Having said that, their presence doesn’t really offend me.

In fact, since it seems that WD only releases new firmwares when they have a new “feature” to add, if it takes adding other things I’ll never use, like games and Facebook, to get bugfixes released, I’ll take what I can get, and just ignore the features I have no use for.

Of course, I’d prefer maintenance releases that just deal with existing issues, but that doesn’t appear to be the way WD operates.

totally agree

wd must dedicate their time solving the lots or bugs on the little box insted wasting time adding useless thinks like games. i you want to play game in the tv use a game console

i really agree with you guys

first i have to admit that we played a few of these cursor-games with the kids today and had some “fun” for half an hour. but in general it feels like a waste of manpower in the coders section. adding new features feels also wrong when there are still a lot of bugs remaining in the main tasks this hardware was made for: media playback! That’s even what the WD support is telling us here in the forum and now they add simple games for what?

Because the auto framerate isn’t working anymore i’m rolling back to 1.04.22… again, so there aren’t any games for me anymore anyway. Rolling back is sad, because some video playback issues were solved and now we have to wait another 2-3 months for an update that might fix some more old and newly introduced bugs. : (

I have  to agree that the gaming feature is a waste of resources.  They should be spending their time and efforts into making the WD Live Plus a better media player.  Stability and Look and Feel need a lot of work…

Looked at the game things, interesting, but not enjoyable. Why? The interface is not very good, response isnt that great from key press to screen update. Controlling something interactive with the remote key pad is just painful…

Makes me wonder what they were thinking in releasing this, they should actually try playing a game till completion as see if they like … if not, then don’t expect others too as well.

WD needs the ability to turn on/turn off menu Items we don’t need or want. like Games and Settings. Settings does need to exist on the main menu, have the ability to turn if off, and use the ‘options’ key to enter settings menu, simple.

These simple things will make the system so much better … and sort by Date / Filename in file listings (may only be possible in USB/Samba file share mode) as well why i’m in venting mode.

another thing: you need an internet connection for playing the games! i connected the wd live hd only temporarily to check all that online stuff, but it’s really more comfy to use a real pc for time wasting games, youtube and internet. if i want to have that i would set up a home theater pc next to my tv. (btw wd support said, that a browser won’t be possible, because of the hardware limitations of the player.)

how many users won’t be able to play these games anyway, if they don’t have the wd connected to their router?

connected users will run into the “there’s a new firmware, go and get it” pit, that will eventually make them showing up here in the forum one day. even if the firmwares are working for many of them, it’s far from being a happy happy joy joy update.

Hardware limitations preventing addition of a browser? I’m curious what they are?

I also agree, the games are a waste of time.

I would like to see the pictures fixed in Facebook.

On another note, THANK YOU WESTERN DIGITAL for sending me replacement Compnent & composie cables for FREE. Much appreciated.

I agree with other posts, the WD TV is a great media machine, not a games machine. Other boxes are coming on the market in the UK and the WD TV lacks support for the BBC Iplayer and streaming movie services. Effort should go into supporting that no games. Love the box but question the update priorities