New G DRIVE professional unmounted by itself

I tried to send message to support but kept getting error message when I tried to send, so I’m posting here.

I bought G DRIVE Professional last July but didn’t even open the box until a few days ago because I’ve been so busy. I attached it to my computer (desktop, OS 10.6.8) via firewire (daisy chained with other G DRIVES). Was recognized by computer. I transferred a lot of files to it, and when I saw they were working on the G DRIVE, I erased those files from where they were previously.

Two days later, I was working on computer—NOT with any files on new G DRIVE or any of the G DRIVES—and I see the message about hard disk being dismounted improperly. It was the new G DRIVE. I could see it listed in Disk Utility, but I could not access the files nor see icon on desktop. Did all the usual things, restart computer, connected drive directly to computer (not daisy-chained), etc. Ran First Aid, said successful, but I still couldn’t access files. Saw in your forum that Disk Warrior recommended. I paid $140 for that and ran it. Got the files back.

I never have “put hard disk to sleep when possible” checked in system preferences, so that did not cause the problem. In your forum one of your tech people said that if drive unmounts by itself and you do not have this checked, it means you have a hardware problem.

I also read there can be power supply issue. I connected with power supply which came in the box which is 12V — 2A.

So I assume this is hardware issue, and I should I return for replacement? Why would I have corrupt files in first days they were on drive?

The files that were lost, but fortunately recovered, after I spent $140, represented hundreds of hours of work. It never occurred to me I needed to back up a brand new drive immediately.