NEW FW- Game folder option on menu- Any possibilites of modding to suit theming!

This may be a totally stupid suggestion, however I pose this-

I haven’t uploaded new FW due to number of people saying it is quite simply- SH–ITE, but lets look at the possible potential of this-

The new FW has a new menu option for GAMES- is there any way possible to adapt this into a more desirable folder option for lets say ‘TV shows’ whereby a simple removable of game xml code could be done so that typical movie XML code could then be added to it?

Please excuse my ignorance but its just a thought! 

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Simple answer is NO.  The menus are hardcoded in the firmware, so you can’t make one menu into something else, at least not without writing a custom firmware.

The theme xmls only control how the UI looks, but there is no way to change how it acts.