New folder thumbnails

I have been playing around with Xzeners icons and making new thumbnails. Still works in progress. Just wondering what everyone thinks and which you like best. What do you like and what dont you like?

 Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Its looking Awsomme…

Is it possible to get the psd/gimp file - so i can make some foldericons like this with danish text to the kids?

Hey drizz,

Looks great, but I’m not sure about the first 2.  The background maybe a little busy and it looks like you might lose some of the effects with the dropshadow and reflections.  You have a good idea, but you might want to use background that is light and is less graphic.

What is the Name og the Font U are using on these folder icons?


The movie slate and font are from Xzeners icon pack which you can download from HERE.

I already downloadet his pack - but no Font includet :-/

But i found it 1 min ago - its called: “28 Days Later” font

that is correct its the 28 days later font. In one of Xzeners packs includes the blank template and the font.

however I  have not altered that info, Im just doing the sizing and the background