New fixes...when?

Any news as to when they are going to take care of the following current issues, or perhaps a new firmware fix?

*Intermittent Aspect Ratio problem,

*Subtitle not showing on menu when selected,

*HDMI won’t recognized when ‘Auto’ is selected, reverts back to STEREO.

*1080p/60hz not compatible, but can ‘Forced’ to work,

*Picture pauses while FFWDing/RVWing, 

*Painstakingly slow bootup!

*Causes external drives to scan for errors when reconnect to PC.

There might be more but this is what I’m experiencing with my newly bought WD TV Live Plus.

Would like to know if it’s worth to keep or send it back to Amazon (and let them charge it back to Western Digital) for a no hassle refund. Would love to keep it though if they’ll come up with a fix soon.

WD, like a lot of other companies, does not announce when the next firmware will be released or what will be fixed in the next release. In the past, they have released new firmware every month or two, but there is no way to know exactly  when new firmware will be released.

If the current firmware is not usable for you, my advice would be to try downgrading the firmware to an earlier version and see if you can live with that. The chances that all of the problems that you have listed will be fixed in the next release are very slim. Hopefully, one of the previous firmware releases will meet your needs. Remember, buy a device for what it does now, not for what it might do with firmware that does not yet exist.