New firmware

I purchased a 4GB drive with this WDTV on egghead as a package, with the new firmware upgrade you made it so it cannot mount any drives over 2GB…This may explain what happen to MY BOOK STUDIO II, You killed my whole library is just disappeared… when will the firmware change it back?

Version 1.04.17_V:

Resolved Issues:


General Info:

We have temporarily blocked USB mounting of Advanced Format (4k sector) HDD greater than 2TBs

Resolved USB keyboard response time.

Resolved crashing when hot plugging USB keyboard.

Resolved artifact lines or screen flicker while in Preview mode sometime

Resolved slow exiting from Flingo® app.

Resolved inability to add to Deezer® playlist.

Resolved Facebook® not providing upload option.

Resolved several minor user interface issues within Facebook, Deezer, Mediafly® and 

Hi dude, it’s not the firmware, the MyBook Studio II has never been listed as compatible by WD even on older firmware…

If I were you, I’d change the RAID of the Studio II to Mirror to make it show as a 2TB, it may have a better chance to work…

Best of luck.