New firmware v04.00.00-607 not working

Please help. My WDcloud stoped working after upgrading to the new firmware. I cannot write any data on my WDcloud - transfer is dropping to 0 after few moments. Is it possible to downgrade the firmware? I do not know what to do…

Unfortunately you are not alone, if you browse through this forum you’ll see numerous users having problems with this upgrade.

You might want to try contacting Customer Support.

Thanks, i have contacted them but still with no answer. My cloud is useless now. I wonder if it is possible to downgrade the update?

It is possible, instructions elsewhere in this forum if you are comfortable with using SSH. Otherwise again you might want to go through customer support.

Wish I could be more helpful but I’m in the same boat and I’ve talked to customer support who promised to get back within 24-48 hours which has now passed. 

following thread : More Info Needed - The WD My Cloud is Disconnecting from the Network   

was closed saying fixed with firmware v04.00.00-607

not the case I have using this firmware and still WD MY Cloud disconnects.


I also have slow transfer rates after the update and network drops.


Slow transfer and aborted if there are more files or one bigger one.

Network drop and slow reconect - drive not avalible

It is rebuilding the content scan which takes forever

Is there any solution so far that will help us

It’s the content scanning indeed the problem.

Look at here for a solution:

It talks about scanning on a USB drive, but the processi is the same for the internal contents.

Yes, I’m also having network disconnect problems in spite of the latest firmware upgrade. Very frustrating and disappointing. I haven’t had this device for a week yet and I’m about ready to take it back.

Having problems too with my 4TB My Cloud, after updating fw to

Before, at 3.x it lost connection from time to time, however still being able to upload files at 4-5MB/s cabled via router.

Now, I should be lucky to maintain ~200KB/s.

I have disabled DLNA Media Streaming and iTunes server and basically wants to use it, as a mapped drive in Windows explorer from my Win7 and XP-machines. But not at such slow speeds - making a backup of 4-5-600 jpeg and nef-files from my camera becomes a nightmare!

Not sure what else I could do - perhaps wait for a fw-update…? Downgrading does not seem to be an option.


Hate to appear to be jumping on the bandwagon… I have exactly the same issues with my 3TB MyCloud NAS. I purchased it a day before the firmware was automatically updated to v04.00.00-607. Everything slowed to a crawl when I tried to load my gigabytes of photos. Symptoms are the same as on several posts on this board, my Ethernet network speed is tested OK. The problem is clearly due to the background scanning & thumbnail generation. It can even take one to two minutes for the dashboard to refresh!!

I’ve been in contact with customer support twice now, the first time I was asked to send a log file which I did, no response! A week later I called again and there didn’t appear to be be any recognition of a firmware problem. The eventual suggestion was that I should return the unit for credit inside the 30 day period then buy another if the problem on this board appears to have been fixed.

I really want to keep the unit,and I don’t want to return a hard drive which held (some) of my personal data. All I need is WD to acknowledge there is an issue and confirm that something is being done to correct it. I’m prepared to wait a reasonable time for a fix.

Too much to ask?

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If you want to return the unit, do a full factory system restore. This will overwrite your data with zeros and alleviate concerns about sending this back to WD

@ Peter_R

Same here.

No. Not too much to ask at all.
This is ridiculous!