New Firmware Upgrade - Connection Issues

By way of background

2 x WD My Cloud (2TB)


Clients - PC - Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8.1, Mac 10.9.4, iPhone/iPad (via app)

Pre-FW update

Everything works fine for all clients

FW update

Both drives brick. Have to do complete reset - takes a mere 4 hours to finally get them back up and running (so to speak)

Post-FW update

Remote access (internet via ok

Intranet access - not so ok

  • Mac - access to the drives works

  • PC - worked initially, then came back the next day to see no local connection to mapped drive. Unable to connect through file explorer. Ping shows no problem to the device. Constant errors trying to connect (unspecified error)

  • App - works both wifi and carrier

The biggest issue is the inability to map local. I use the drives to replicate local data and allow remote access. This FW update killed that


Check the settings on the drive. Since you did the reset, some settings might got back to factory settings.

When you did the reset, did you reset your router as well?

Checking the status is frequently (persistently) a useless exercise. Once the connectivity drops, there is no way to reconnect to the drive except to do a reset. The last one (a short while ago) required my unplugging the drive as holding the rest button for more than 30 seconds did nothing; it was completely unresponsive.

Unfortunately, i have no choice but to keep auto update on in the hopes that you might push a fix for this disaster. After that, i will certainly turn it off to prevent any more breaking of perfectly (-ish) good products.

In the meantime (sadly), i need to find an alternative for remote access as i cannot rely on WD at this point.

Sorry i also didn’t respond fully to your last post.

Resetting and then attempting to connect to the drives involves a bit more than just resetting the drive.

After it reboots, i have to reboot:

my server

my client computers

the client computer dediccated to imaging the drives (to create the shadow files on the WD drives in the first place)

pretty much a disaster zone.

as far as the router goes, that isn’t the issue. if i were not able to connect remotely but had local access, i would look at that but access is interrupted locally as well.