New firmware updated on my wd tv live plus 1.04.18_B issue says unable to create media library


I updated my wd tv live plus to the new 1.04.18_B firmware and now when i load it up it says unable to create media library please check storage content and will not play any file that previously played with no problem on the previous firmware.  I have 112gb’s free on my 1TB Seagate external desktop drive.  I searched on the forum for answers to this problem I found the if you deleted the .wd tv live folder that this should fix it I did that.  I then restarted the media player and the hardrive and went to the video section it still came up with the error unable to create media library but this time when I went in my files now loaded most of them haven’t checked them all yet but seemed to run fine the ones I checked.  I also noticed previously that sometimes when I loaded the files it said that the media player is unable to play that file format but when I restarted the media player it would play fine.


An update on this now it is saying the same unable to create media library now when I go in to look at the files it says no media in folder!!!

Turn Media Library Off in that case.   You’ll lose the functionality of the media library (Search / Sort / etc) but at least you’ll be able to see your files.

It’s saying there’s no media in the folder because the media library wasn’t able to index that folder.

It worked had to restart the media player though before it worked will try again tomorrow just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke today but so far so good.  So was this just a bug with the firmware update the reason it wasn’t working?

I don’t know what causes that specific issue.    But if the Media Library can’t be compiled, all heck breaks loose when trying to use it unless it gets turned off…  :(