New Firmware Release 2.11.164 Made My Cloud EX4 Inaccessible

My Cloud EX4 Dashboard has always been set with auto-update the Firmware; the firmware began installing without my awareness and now the NAS is not accessible.

The lights for all of the drives just simply blink. The dashboard is also inaccessible; anyone have any suggestions?


I recommend you contact WD support for assistance with this.

what happened, the support help you?

No … Sorry for the late response; I only logged back in recently because I am running into more issues with this NAS.

No … WD Support was not helpful in this case. I went through multiple reboots and resets; it eventually restarted so I can access the drives and then I was able to reinstall the firmware manually.

Strongly suggest you never AUTO UPDATE anything… let everyone else try out the update for a few weeks (or months) and then make a fact-based decision.

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