New Firmware out 2.04.13 (same as beta)

Well, just let everyone know, the new FW is out, but it is the same as the beta version that was released. 

There are a few new additions for services, but no real BUG fixes.  The title in the Gallery view does now display the actual title name (but it jumps from the file name to the title name), but all other views still display the file name.  And there is still no fix for the the folder metadata or the larger folder thumbnail not showing up.

Also, it seems as though that there is a lag, now when switching menu views and when you stop a video is seems like it takes a long time to go back to the menu.

Just thought I’d let everyone know before you flash the new firmware.

i think that now i will think twice before  buying a wd product again…

I have recently got to use an xtreamer and im totally amazed! It even supports moviesheets…

I’m just hoping that someone write a modified firmware for the hub, i don’t care if i loose nexflix or other services, i don’t use them.

I highly doubt anyone will come up with a firmware mod for the Hub.  The issue is that any mod would permanatly break some services (netflix) for the US people.   Obviously, if that happens, even if the person that created the mod said, in huge type “THIS WILL BREAK NETFLIX”, some people would still do it, then get mad at the person who created the mod. B-Rad was smart to not create one for the hub, he would just have a ton of newbies pissed at him.

WD does create a great product, it’s still my fav of all that I have seen.  However, WD is not very good about the firmware.  It’s a shame but it is what it is.  They will likely take the best ideas and implement some on the next hardware release. Even though it’s a bad business decision. 

Hopefully this will change in the future but don’t hold your breath.  WD was very smart to allow user created themes, I’m very glad they heard that cry. 

firetix wrote:

I have recently got to use an xtreamer and im totally amazed! It even supports moviesheets…

The Xtreamer hardware generally gets good reviews.  I was interested in several of their products but could never bring myself to part cash because…

The Xtreamer company gets a lot of criticism on many forums for censorship (obviously not on their own haha).  Just pray everything is working as intended and stays that way.  ;)