New firmware issues - can I downgrade?

I posted this question in a thread which is now locked. I am using no third party software and just want to revert back to the previous working firmware since I am having issues with the latest release.

Is this possible?
I am not too familiar with the ‘technical’ references I am coming across to do this. Any help/guidance appreciated if possible.


Some users have asked how to reinstall the current firmware to stabilize their device.  Using SSH, the following commands can be issued, however, WD recommends contacting Support ( if you are not comfortable issuing this command yourself. /CacheVolume/updateFile.deb

Edit: this is actually to reinstall the current firmware version :  4.00.00-607

curiosity for WD … why not rerelease the previous version as 4.1 & spend the time fixing the bugs in 4.0 ?

That wouild be exactly the right thing to do

Bill_S hasn’t said yet why this hasn’t been done

We’ve had 2 days so far when this could have been done for users.

I have requested WD assist with a downgrade, logged via the support request facility.

I have been increasingly frustrated with the very slow transfer speeds and incredibly slow and unresponsive UI. When copying files it seems to be all over the place, fast, slow, then hangs etc.

Well it’s been almost three weeks now since I replied to WD with the requested log files etc, and absolutely no response. I have chased this but still nothing.

I don’t want to send the drive back as it is good, it’s just this stupid update that made things go from OK to bad.

I am copying some large files over now and it’s just so slow with it’s new ‘stop start’ feature since the update! 

I finally got WD support team to assist me to downgrade. It’s fairly simple and requires very minimal SSH. I have created a thread with the instructions. Link to the thread -