NEW firmware for Velociraptor WDCWD3000HLFS0


We have changed our RAID controllers to LSI 9260-4i, and now have multiple issues with Velociraptor WDCWD3000HLFS0 drives. We have more than 10 equal drives like this. Time to time the drives just get status “FAILED”. But all of the new Velociraptors 10+(600Gb) works fine without any issues.

Can you please link me or provide the new firmware for Velociraptor WDCWD3000HLFS0 drive pls.
Thanks in advance.



Hi if you look around you can find a firmware update for the pre 2009 version’s of the 300 raptor that is supposed to address the raid problem. The only problem with this it was never put up on WD site, other sites have it but who knows what you would get. For me if WD did not post it well i am not going to try it. Maybe it would be best for you to contact WD and tell them about the problem and they may send you the firmware at least you would know for sure it came from them. It would bring you to version 4 not the version 3 they are running now.

You may contact WD and asked for their Level II Support, to see if there is a firmware update available for your drives.

Hi Vadir2 nice of you to confirm all of other users answers. Keep up the good work LOL