New firmware for mycloud

Hi all,
I want to apologize for my bad english.

Today I bought a mycloud (I think 2nd gen) and I would like to change the firmware (from native firmware to DSM). I tried to follow everything you have written in the numerous posts about it … but it is not very clear how to do it.

Can you help me?


@Cicciuzzo Where and what post did you read about changing the firmware to DSM?

Maybe looking at the following will help you.

I’ve read this:

@Cicciuzzo Have you read any of the other topics/post about this using the search feature. See image below.


of course… I watched those discussions but I think it’s too difficult for me to do.

The -10 in the end of the product code…
Is my cloud 1º gen or 2º gen?

2nd generation, see more info. Use link below.

Ok, ty for this info.
So, the guide say:


  1. Unpack to Public folder
  2. Login via SSH (Use PuTTY)
  3. Copy uImage and uRamdisk to /boot/boot/ folder (Replace)
  4. Reboot.

I’ve completed 1 and 2. How can i do the point 3?