New Firmware E.T.A?

Hello WD, may I ask is there any E.T.A on a new firmware which will update the incorrection in the png files (Thumb art - Cover art)??? I really feel this has been going on now for just to long and I have got passed the stage of being fed up, i know this is a fantastic unit for playing audio and media, and there are some AMAZING themes that people have spent just SOSOSOSOSOSO much time on, and it feels you let us down by making something that worked once no longer work in an update. I have now purchased and Apple TV 2, and to be honest its blimin good, and it certainly does what it says on the tin and its osd looks amazing as well, however I do like top quality movie quality and I dont want to spent hours converting! however on that note I am thinking that maybe I should just trade my WDTV LiveHUb in for another Apple Tv and Been done with it.    If know there is an update a few days away then I will wait and see…

many kind regards…

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I’ll second that point too Richie!

Will also check out the Apple TV2 out of curosity and for even possible future purchase- Who knows what we could be missing out on?!?!

PS- My personal theme [will share upon (near) completion] is currently on hold until WD let us know which way this firmware is going as I can’t decide which way forward to take it at this present point in time?

yep the same for me…


I think you are all being a little naive if you think WD would care about what you buy next.

You have all already bought the box. And they will not dig a hole for themselves with an ETA date, they don’t listen to any of the ideas either, shame but thats the way it seems to be. :cry:

I feel like history is repeating
same thing happen with WD HD TV Gen1

I think that words is for every Company  important.

Start a business is easy, it is difficult to keep it open. 

agreed…they would be wise to see what happened to HP. Customer service in these companies is pathetic. It may be true that I already bought this box but I have prevented three others from buying it! A little customer service would have prevented that from happening.