New Firmware Causing Menu/Folder jumping!

Since updating to the latest firmware on my WDTV Live, when viewing my folders on my 1tb wd drive and try to navigate using the remote’s arrow keys it jumps all over the place!

I have it set as folder view with my folder.jpg image in the folder so can scroll round click a movie and play, but for some reason now when I try scroll it seems to jump all over the place. When I try pressing the right arrow once it jumps about 10 times and I’m not able to select any movies as always jumps off the one I’m going to.

Any suggestions?


Probably need to roll back firmware.

I have same issue with latest firmware, if I had 1.02.21 before I upgraded, should I roll back to that one or can I pick another? if I can pick a different one, which is the best?:slight_smile:

If I were you, I would pick the latest firmware that did not give me problems. There really is no ‘best’ firmware because everyone does not have the same issues or problems. One version might work fine for someone, but might not work at all for someone else (different people encode the videos differently, have different file types, might use it in a different way for different purposes, etc).

If the new firmware is not working for you, try the previous version (1.04.22). If that doesn’t work, you can always roll back to an older one. Make sure that you use the right version. The _B versions are for the Live Plus, the _V versions are for the Live.

EDIT: Before you try a new firmware, you should try resetting your box. Press the reset button for about 2 seconds. This will reset the box to the factory defaults and you will have to re-enter your information, but resetting does fix a lot of weird problems so it is worth trying that first.

I went for wdtvlive_1_3_49_V_Rollback in the end since it seems to a lot of peoples favourite and it fixes my issues and works nicely with .ISO files and compression header issues for .MKV

Thanks Tony,

Rolled back to Firmware Ver. 1.04.22_V and all is working fine now.

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Me too.

I bought 2 WDTV live, 3 days ago, for my house and now I have 3 (Total). Two WDTV live is ok with last firmware. But one start to be crazy. It´s not possible to select any film because not stop to jump the icons. I decided to change the WDTV with problem in store because I bought this 3 days ago.

But now all 3 WDTV with last firmware I verify a jump in other menu like “configuration menu”, not at all time, 1 jump after ±10 times I pressed arrows in remote control.

The solution is go back to previous firmware abd wait WD Support for other firmware.

Sorry for my poor english!