New firmware broke my WDTV!


Yes. i already powered off/power on my WDTV 3 or 4 times, and i’m still able to access my shares with auto logon sets to ON.

Maybe it’s because i proceed this way:

  • Clear Logon information

  • Set Auto Logon to OFF

  • Connect to shares with proper credentials

  • Set Auto Logon to ON



I will give it a try and report back.

You’re welcome.

Yes please, i’d like to know if it did the trick for you.


So close, but no joy.

Followed instructions as detailed. Device saved network share details for 1 soft power cycle (from remote control), network shares worked fine, then failed with no response to selecting network shares icon on subsequent soft power cycles.

I thought this may just be an aberration so tried again.

Saved network shares for 2 soft power cycles then failed on selecting network shares icon of the 3rd cycle.


@ Sewercyde

Sorry to see that it didn’t work for you.

I hope you’ll find a solution soon

I did a power-cycle (pulling the plug) and then I could connect with auto-connect set to ON. The NAS share is accessable to anonymous and techflaws. I had not entered any login/pw.

@techflaws i had similar shares. 1was anonymous username and no password, the other was via windows username/password combo.

I relented and rolled back the firmware.

thanks for the help.
hopfully WD will release a new firmware soon.

I had the same problem last night after updating the firmware.

I needed to re-enter/re-submit the workgroup name, then it would re-start the network. After that, everything looks fine so far.

See if my recent post here helps anyone get up and running again: