New Firmware 4.3.0-129

I got tonight the push message that My Cloud Home was updated. I couldn´t find any release notes for the 4.3.0.-129 version.
Any information available?
The ios App was also updated 2 days ago with the comment that there are now new apps supported. I couldn´t find out which apps are now new to be supported. Again any information would be helpful


Thanks for your inquiry,

The My Cloud Home firmware and app updates are rolling out on
an incremental bases. IE: 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%. The “What’s New”
app card will be pushed out after 100%. In the future, the release
notes will be hosted on

Until Then:

What’s NEW?

  • Mobile app support for iPAD
  • Sort your files by Name, Size, and Date in Files View
  • Connect to Amazon Alexa and play your music library on your My Cloud Home
  • Cast videos to your TV using Chromecast
  • Support for additional apps with Save to My Cloud (Google Drive, Google Photo, Dropbox, etc…)
  • And, as always, a few bug fixes

When is the firmware update due to allow music to be played from your My Cloud Home device?
Surely this is a fundamental part of a My Cloud Home device? It sounds like an after thought

@Daz003 My Cloud Home support Plex as the media player client