New Firmware 2.05.08

There’s a new firmware out v.2.05.08, which means that there is a new OSD which you can get HEREif you need it.

Not much has changed, except for some new language support, and it now has CinemaNow.  Can’t really see any bug fixes and it still does not show the folder metadata info or coverart.

Some interesting thing in the new firmware though.  It looks like the HUB maybe getting some games some time down the road, because there are icons for Cosmox, Memory, Rockswap and Sudoku games in the osd.  Also, looks like there’s plans to add, Picasa, Shoutcast and Yata Mysblka (?what ever that is, looks to be another music service).

with the new firmware v.2.05.08, you remove the 12 bit. In Setup \ HDMI Deep Color mode, now I was only on 8 bit the quality is bad, you can not activate the 12 bit

Just so that everyone knows, unless you just want or need the the new services or language support, I would not update.

There is a bug with text and this will cause problems with the long text not displaying correctly,  especially with highly modified themes.

I have already rolled back my firmware.

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Thanks Tinwarble for the heads up.

Must say this is the first time EVER that i will not upgrade any of my boxes with new firmware LOL…

But it sounds like the new firmware going to mess up themeing so best to stick on older firmware for us guys…especially the non usa people.

Coupled with HellI3ond discovery that 12 Bit was removed, it sounds like a few bugs too many even for a diehard like me

Yep, I hated to have to rollback, but I had updated, then discovered how to make the file name appear in a single location for the other non-gallery views and I found the text bug while implementing it into my theme.

I thought it was just the way that I was adding the text, and it was a side effect, but then I went to view my music and it was doing the same thing there and I hadn’t changed anything.

I guess that WD must have a program of were if they add something new, they have to had a couple of more bugs.:smileyvery-happy:

I didnt upgrade to the last firmware, read too much stupid stuff. they really need to fix the bugs and stop bringing in more services.Bugs should always be a priority. I beta test BlackBerry Smartphones and BlackBerry software before release and I try my hardest to get all bugs acknowledged fixed before release.

oh they really messed things up on this one…my screen is all pink through the hdmi input…so i rolled back to 2.04.13 or something…real pain in the neck…i was all psyched when i seen the update and sat down and clicked on it only to have to spend a half hour messing with it afterwards