New Files Transferred Are Hidden

Hi folks, this is my first post here. After searching the answers for a while I couldn’t see my particular problem. Also, while I appreciate the need to thoroughly read the instruction manual to look for answers, I want to be upfront if it’s okay…

I had a stroke and sometimes reading things is very challenging for me. I’ve seen many replies talking about so many fixes that made absolutely no sense to me at all. I did try to read the manual but I also had a hard time understanding every aspect of it. A lot of it is I don’t understand terms, technical words. Anyhow, for this reason, I would really appreciate some support in explaining it to me like I’m 5! :slight_smile:

Now, the problem I am having just started. I have been transferring music and videos over to the drive using the Windows Explorer folder system. It’s worked more or less flawlessly for many weeks. Yesterday, I tried to transfer a new movie, to the same folder as the other movies, and the file ended up being hidden. Thus, it doesn’t show on my Smart TV when I try to stream it.

I can see it in Windows because I have the show hidden files option selected. But on streaming, on any other device at all, it doesn’t show up.

I’ve tried deleting it and transferring it again. I’ve tried transferring it into different folders. It’s always hidden. I’ve tried changing the status in the file properties, but even though I can delete the hidden files check, and apply, and it shows it’s gone…when I get back to the main folder view, it remains hidden. I’ve tried changing the whole folder to hidden, so I could change it all to visible afterwards, but when I accept that it requires administrator privileges, it says access denied.

I’ve tried changing options in security and give full control to me, and to everyone, and even though I can select these options, they are removed immediately afterwards. I can’t change inheritance or anything else in advanced options either. I’ve read answers about groups and things, and I’m afraid I just can’t make sense of them.

I’m almost nervous to ask, because I am sure so much more would be expected from the user than I can readily talk about. Is there anyone who has any ideas why this would be happening and can ask me questions in some a basic manner?

Thanks everyone!


This could be due to malware infection, malware can edit file properties and set the files to hidden. Another possible reason is file corruption, a file that haven’t been completely downloaded or copied can also disappear from the system.