New files not visible over internet access or file explorer

I have a mycloud device connected to my home network. When I add new files to my laptop which is configured to backup the folders/sub folders, when viewing through the WD smartware software I can see the new files backed up OK. However if I view my myCloud device over the internet or through file explorer the new files are not visible, in fact all that is visible is an image of the files and folders as they were backed up 12 months ago, eg out of date. What is the reason for this. Do I need to perform a reset.

Resetting your unit will not affect WD SmartWare since it runs from your system.

Are you certain you are navigating the correct backup volume? What does WD SmartWare display in the backup tab?

WD Smartware is displaying the backup correctly. All the files that are checked for backup are being backed up. And if I look in the retrieve tab all the files I would expect to see are there too. The problem is that if I access myCloud remotely or through Window file explorer, and not through WD SmartWare, I see files and folders that were backed up 12 months ago, and noe of the files that have been added recently.