New features

Good features would be:

  • Internet Browser

  • Wireless keyboard

  • Shoutcast radio station service

To name a few…

My WD live works great with all file formats.

Some people, when convert video material use some less used codecs, and that can make a problem, yes.

Titles were ok also in all movies i played so far…

But, i have this great device only few weeks.

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All those ideas have already been suggested several times.

If you look at the Western Digital community forum listing, you’ll see a section called Ideas Lab , along with a subforum: WD TV Live Ideas :

You’ll find many good ideas (and some bad!) there.  Vote for the ones you would like to see in future firmwares to increase their priority with WD.  

If you have any new ideas, create a new thread for them AFTER searching first to make sure it’s not a duplicate.  Duplicate posts split votes and good ideas get overlooked.

Also, don’t post multiple ideas into one suggestion.  It’s frustrating to see one good idea suggested along with several ■■■■ ones; how are you meant to vote when most of the post is stuff you don’t care about?  Urgh…

Sorry, just venting.  I would quite like to see all of the things you mention.  ;)  vote for em here:

Internet Browser

Wireless (USB) Keyboard Support

ShoutCast Radio


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You understand that i am new here…

Will vote now.