New feature in next WDTV SMP Gen3 release


I have this WDTV gen3 for a few months. The shipped apps are very disappointing, abd bugging. There are a lot of useless apps.

Does any one know any new apps or feature in the next firmware release?

Since this is a user forum, you have the same information that we all do. No real knowledge of what’s to come. 

Personally I use and enjoy a lot of the apps that come with the product.  Hulu Plus, Euro News, Flixster, Pandora, Spotify, Tune In, just to name a few that I use regularly, but I guess that come down to personal preference. WD’s devices’ real strength is in the ability to play local meda of almost any container format. For streaming channels, there are other products that clearly give you a lot more options. You can buy one of these other devices, or of course you could add a Media Server to your network that streams programming to your SMP over DLNA. I have added both of these types of things to my network and the work in harmony with my SMP/HUB and Live+, giving me everything I needed to get rid of my Cable TV Provider.  May be worth looking in that direction if you want access to more streaming media and on demand programming.

Sorry, not much help I know.  If you have a specific app that you think would be a good addition, you can always post it in the Live SMP Ideas area of this forum.

Good Luck


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Pearl, my friend, we agree often, but not this time.  I do not use any of the apps on the WD, because I prefer using them on my Roku (e.g. Netflix, TuneIn, Slacker instead of Pandora, etc.).  They actually work better on Roku, I think.  As we both know, our Rokus are the “app” machine, more so than the WD.

As for cutting the Comcast cable TV cord – no way.  It’s not that I am a cable TV addict; far, far from it, but all sports are just better with better picture (and less complicated) than through the internet, and there is lots of stuff on cable TV I would not have, otherwise.  (Yea, I know, I could use PlayOn, but that is tinkering with PCs and internet when not necessary.)

So, we have cable TV w/on demand, WD media player, Roku (with Netflix and Amazon Prime), therefore we have a hard time saying “there’s nothing on TV” at our house!  If we feel that way, we pull out our Tablets, listen to music, or read, or just go to bed!   :wink:

Of course Roku is the App device. Wouldn’t be without one, in fact it was the device I was refering to in my post. I find the apps that are actually on the WD to work fine for me. Really like both the Spotify and the TuneIn interfaces on the WD. That said, of course the Roku now has over 1000 channels you can load so it seriously overpowers WD in that fashion.

Yeah, I love PlayOn and get most of my TV that way. Yes it takes a bit of tinkering and research, but the sheer amount of media you can recieve via it is mind blowing. Literally thousands of channels, live and on demand. The other part for me is an OTA antenna. A lot depends on where you live. Here in downtown Seattle, at my location with a small antenna, I get 19 OTA channels.Cable does have a great picture and is super conventient, but I hit the end of my rope with Comcrap and won’t give them my money so they can pump QFC etc at me on my dime. When and if they ever go to an a la carte system where I can buy the 20 channels I want, I would hapily come back.

Internet TV, via WD, Roku and PlayOn, Hulu, Amazon VOD, a few thousand ripped movies, OTA channels, and the occasional rental from Scarecrow video (one of the greatest video rental stores in the country thats a few blocks from my house) = certainly never a lack of things to watch. :smiley:

Funny part is I listen to a ton of podcasts, and that is now taking up at least 30-40% of my entertainment time.

Any way you slice it these days, there is more than enough media available to keep anyone happy.

MIke, tell Comcast I said hello next month when you pay your bill :laughing: