New fan for my WD EX4100

After dealing with WD’s dog-■■■■ service and warranty program I have decided to fix my units fan myself. I contacted the manufactured, but they informed me their deal with WD prohibits them from selling me the fan directly. Does anyone know where I can find a new fan for my unit? THe fan is a Sunon mag lev MFC0251V3-Qo1u-s99 DC12V 1.68w.

Or simply look for an electrical and mechanical equivalent; measure the fixing holes positions, the housing dimensions & fan dimensions, and the electrical characteristics, and buy any old DC brushless fan that is similar.

Or ask here:

This fan is clearly a poor product. The company hides the fact that they are only willing to give a 6 month warranty on the fan. WDD must be getting them dirt cheap and getting a large payback by putting them in their boxes.