New External Hard Drive that works with Windows XP

Great!! THX again for all your help!


Believe it or not, I still have an XP that I’m using regularly for Music Production.

I have a 120GB SSD running the O/S and a couple of internal Drives, plus a couple of External Drives: a 4TB WD Elements and a 250GB Maxtor.

But not only are both External Drives nearly full, they’re around 5 years old now; and I use the WD Elements HDD for Backups.

Given this, I need to buy another HDD for both Storage and a secondary Backup.

I noticed above that balazer confirmed the WDBCKA0080HBK (8TB), WDBCKA0120HBK (12TB), and WDBCKA0140HBK (14TB) Drives were XP Compatible.

Does anyone know if the WDBBKG0120HBK (12TB) Drive is likewise compatible?

I can say, from personal experience, that the WD Elements SE 5TB (WDBJRT0050BBK-WESN) is not compatible; when I tried using WD Quick Formatter on this model, the software informed me the firmware of the Drive would not permit XP-compatible Sector Sizes on that Drive. :confused:

Appreciate any assistance.