New external drive has disappeared from my MAC

I installed a brand new 2 TB external drive to use as a dedicated Time Machine folders backup drive on my MAC and it worked for one day and loaded 450 gig of folders and files via Time Machine and then when I rebooted my system next day it had disappeared. I tried switching on and off, changing the USB lead, a different USB port, plugging the drive into another MAC sytem but it has completely disappeared. I cant even see it in Disk Utilities. I dont mnd re-formatting it and losing the data as its only backed up my system files once so far.

Any ideas anyone ? before I frustratingly send it back under warranty

Model No. WDBAAU002HBK



Do yuo feel any vibration or hear any noise? I mean, if you tried another Mac, changing the cable and it’s not even on disk utility to try to format it then the last thing to check before replacing is the power adapter. Are you using a power strip? They tend to give issues.