New exernal HD more than 2TB using Windows XP

I’d like to know what would be my best choice for a new 3TB or 4TB usb external HD but still usable on Windows XP and of course Win7. I read somewhere that a GPT driver is able to do the job on some.Thanks all.


I’ll say that you can get a WD My Book, they come formatted on NTFS and you should be able to use the unit on both systems.

WD use Advanced Formatting on their external HDDs to bypass the 2TB limit for MBR

So, MBR will give best backwards compatibility with Windows XP
(Only Windows XP 64-Bit Edition has support for GPT)

I have 2x3TB Elements and a 4TB Elements that work fine on Windows XP 32-Bit & Windows 7

My Books will work too … but if all you need is “Basic Storage” eg. no Encryption / Smartware Backup etc … then the WD Elements range is the cheapest option.

So when you posted this, were you talking about drives manufactured before 2014? From what year is your 4TB Elements that works with XP? so I can buy that one

yeah, it was around 2014 … info on the other post