New EX2 Ultra - extremely slow

Hey all,

Just set up a new EX2 Ultra (diskless) with 2 4TB 7200rpm Seagate drives in RAID 1.

Upload speeds are 355kb/s and download speeds are 1-2MB/s.

It’s connected to an Archer C7 router via 1Gb/s connection. Computer is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on 5GHz wireless about 5 feet from the router. Speedtest on the internet is just fine.

Got this as a backup for my photos (I generate 10-20GB per week) and the current speed makes this a total bust.

Any ideas?

hmm, I may be an ■■■■■.

I updated the firmware of my router, forced 5GHz, and unplugged everything non-essential and now I’m getting 20+MB/s over wireless. If I figure out exactly what it was that was causing the bottleneck, I’ll update.

Any luck on this? I take it things went well since you didn’t update and probably happily moved on