New drive size not showing on the home screen of the dashboard

I have an EX4 that had four 2TB drives in it. I am running a raid 10. The home screen shows that I have 266GB of space left. I just recently upgraded each bay to 4TB drives. I installed each drive one at a time, and rebuilt each one before moving to the next. As I was doing this, the dashboard would show that the new drive was a 4TB. However, now that they are all in place, the dashboard home screen still shows only 266GB of space remaining, even though it says that the drives are 4TB’s. Any ideas on why that is? I have already rebooted the box. Thanks in advance.


If the RAID was configured with 2 TB hard drives and you insert a 4TB hard drive, this new drive will adopt the same capacity as the other 2TB hard drives in order to match with the RAID. Therefore, the new 4TB drive will have 2TB available and the other 2TB will be inactive.

I would recommend that you back up your data in a different device, create a new RAID 10 with all the 4TB hard drives (at the same time) and then transfer the data back to the unit.