New drive setup... which RAID or JBOD? (including speed)

Has anyone got any advice on which setup I’m best using for my home (non business), I will only have movie files on the drive (32TB(4x8)) and will have them all backed up on other drives.

From reading people are saying don’t use RAID 5 as it’s not safe with larger drives so either RAID 0 or JBOD non striped would be best but I’m really confused as to which I should choose…

I agree, When I got my DL2100 I set it up as Raid 1, but wish I had not. My NAS is not used for backup; all files on it are COPIES of media files stored elsewhere. i wish I had set it up as JBOD and I would have 8TB instead of 4TB… Someday I will get around to correcting this setup.

Thank you both for your advice, I think JBOD would probably be the best option too!

Do you know how speed would factor with JBOD and RAID 0? i.e. Copying files to and from the device, I have a old My Book World Edition II NAS and it’s the slowest thing ever to copy too!

I’ve just done a couple of tests of the drive with 60GB using JBOD and RAID 0 and they run virtually the same so it’s JBOD all the way :slight_smile:

Any ideas why they drop off after a couple of minutes though and slow down?