New drive not working

I have had this wdbabm0010bbk-00 for a few years and have never used it. However I did take it out of the box and no longer have any instructions or information about it. 

I recently purchased a Pogo and thought I would use this drive for my personal cloud. I cannot get any of my computers (PC or Mac) to see the drive. The Pogo is not picking it  up either. The Pogo is functional as I plugged a flash drive in and that works fine. The drive lights up and I can feel it spinning for a while then it stops and the light goes after a minute or so.  

Can someone point me in the right direction please? 


Hello, be sure not use any extension USB cables or USB hubs to connect the passport, that can cause problems.

I have only tried using the 12 -14" USB cord that came with the drive. I do not have any other ones to try that are in the same configuration.