New drive cannot use, need to charge?

I purchased a My passport wireless and had it delivered to my friends house in March 2020.
Due to Covid it now seems I will not be able to pick the drive up for 6 months to a year.
Will the battery be OK or does it need periodic charging during this time?

Can you mail it from his house to your house?

If you are in the same country . . . . I doubt the travel restrictions will be more than another month or three. (of course, I don’t know your own personal travel issues)

Some consumer electronics sit for a long period of time before getting to the users hands. . . I wouldn’t worry too much about 6-12 months.

Thanks no in a totally different part of the world.
Some items like my Bose collar cannot be left to deplete the battery, just wondered about this one.
From what you say should be OK.

If in doubt. . .he can open it up and charge it :slight_smile:

It fairly straight forward. (Plug, cable, device)